Membership in the Society is available to those Addiction Recovery Organizations who meet the membership qualifications set out in the Bylaws of the BCARA.


In accordance with the BCARA Bylaws, an Addiction Recovery Organization means a corporation, organization or other entity which provides Bed-Based substance use disorder recovery services or substance addiction recovery services in British Columbia and that:
(a) is licensed by or registered with a Canadian federal or provincial government entity or a provincial, regional, First Nations or other similar health authority to provide substance use disorder recovery services or substance addiction recovery services; or
(b) holds nationally or internationally recognized accreditation relating to the provision of substance.


Apply for membership by submitting to the Board a membership application in such form as the Board may approve, from time to time. An Addiction Recovery Organization that has submitted a membership application becomes a Member upon the Board’s approval of the application by Board resolution, or in such other manner as may be determined by the Board, from time to time.


Please apply in writing

  1. Name of Organization
  2. Name and Position of Leadership
  3. Contact Information (address, email, phone, alternate phone, website)
  4. Year of Incorporation
  5. Proof of Qualification

Please send by email to attention Brenda Plant at


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